Saturday, February 9, 2008

Olivia and Her Silly Friends

Good friends and a good story. . .could life be any better?
You are one adorable turtle!

When I get stinky, my mom and dad give me a bath. Do you get baths, Jimmy?

You're so nice and cuddly


Anonymous said...

She just has a great time doesn't she?! These pictures are great. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I sit in awe everyday as I "Go For The Blog" and see that precious, little Olivia! Your pictures are always awesome and just seems to be a more blessed miracle each and every day! Olivia, with her animals, is just about the cutest thing that I have seen - and the captions are always right on cue. Glad to hear that Jodi's brother is doing well, and we hope and pray that Olivia can get off of that nasty medicine that makes her so sick - she doesn't deserve it! I'm on here everyday, but haven't had time, lately, to leave you a comment. Anyway, rest assured that our prayers continue with your family. Love. M.A.