Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 - Update

Isabelle Sailing, aka Olivia's future best friend
Isn't life great?

Don't let go, daddy!

I spoke to my mother and as of 4 pm, all I know is that my brother was out of surgery at around 1:30 pm and they were waiting on him to wake up. My understanding is that he should be home by this evening. When I know more, I will let you know. Please pray that he recovers quickly. I thought that some pictures of his beautiful daughter on the blog might help speed his recovery.
*I spoke with my brother at about 6pm. He is home (minus his gallbladder) and is doing well. . . . .really sore, but well.

Rainbows came out this morning for Olivia's evaluation. Olivia showed them her whole bag of tricks and even flashed them her award-winning smile. Of course, they fell in love with her just like the rest of us. They said she was doing everything that she is supposed to be doing. They evaluate her as a 6 week old. . .not a 5 month old. Her muscle tone is good, she is tracking objects with her eyes and has great head control. They loved her double chin and chunky legs (well, chunky for a preemie.)They are qualifying her for services which means we will have access to a physical therapist, speech pathologist, dietician, etc. Because my degree is in elementary education, I fully understand the necessity of early intervention. . .for any child. I'm glad that we will have these for Olivia. At age 3, they will refer her to the Goddard school system. Overall, it was a very good visit.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear your brother is doing well. I can't believe surgeries nowadays. In and out in one day!

I'm also glad Olivia is right on target in her development. She is truly a wonder. I can't wait to get to know her.

So I'm now 30 like you. I don't feel any different yet, but am just waiting for the "oldness" to set in! Ha ha!