Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 - Update

The other night, the clothes bar in our closet fell down. While Ryan was putting it back up, I decided it was a good time to get rid of some of my clothes. Olivia was quite the little helper.
You can't have too many plain black shirts, mom. . .they go with everything.

Mom, where's that pink and brown striped waffle-knit henley? I like that one. . it's soft.
Thanks for listening to me ramble on in my last post. When I read it this morning, I almost went back and deleted, but I'm sure most people had read it by then. I wasn't having a very good night. It would just be nice for the three of us to have an enjoyable evening without crying or puking. I'm still not sure why it always has to happen at night. I do know that Olivia still seems like a very happy and healthy little girl. I'll just try not to worry about it so much.


23 Weekers said...

Hey Jodi,

I'm sure you already do this... We always kept Carver in a bouncy seat or swing for 20-30 min after a feed to help with the reflux. At night he sleeps on a wedge with a rolled U-Shaped blanket tucked around him with the bottom of the "U" at his feet. I put a receiving blanket over the wedge and "U" to hold everything in place. You can buy a nice wedge for your baby bed at babies are us. I'm sure they are under $20. I have 4 of them - we use them for play time on the floor and both beds. It won't cure the reflux, but it seemed to help minimize it. Both of my babies now have a fundo-plycation. This solves the reflux issue, but is a surgery that is no fun. Carver is now eating more and much happier. The reflux really hurt him. Kinnick's reflux caused her to need 2 lt of oxygen. Once she got her Fundo, she went down pretty significantly (1/8 lt).. until she caught a hospital bug (one of my biggest complaints). Anyway, sorry to hear she is throwing up so much. I hope it gets better soon.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about rambling. This is your blog and nobody is going to tell you that you can't.
I'm sorry to hear that she has been throwing up. There's always a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, although, your pot of gold is a cure for her vomiting. And everyone's treasure will be something different.
I know it's hard...but don't worry. And I know it sounds so easy just hearing from people. But she'll get better, after everything she has gone through...she will definetely win this tug-of-war match! The throwing up episodes are going down! :)
She's strong, she'll make it through. This is just one more little bump in the road, and her road leads to a much less complicated life.
Love you guys!
Stay Strong,

P.S. I was showing my friends at school some more recent pictures of Olivia and all they could say were...
"She's so big!"
"She's so cute!"
"I love her tongue pictures!"
And on and on, so although you already knew, you have a pretty cute kid!

Kerry said...

Poor Olivia. I know it must be so difficult to watch her cry. And we all know you are eternally grateful that she is healthy so don't worry for one second about complaining about her feeding issues. Just remember that you are doing everything you can to help her, but it may take a while to find a solution. Try to keep thinking positive that she will "grow out of it" although I'm sure that's hard. Thinking of you all always!