Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 - Update

Mom, I think you forgot to take the sticker off.
The future's so bright. . .I gotta wear shades.
Winner takes on daddy.

Olivia doesn't ever seem to enjoy her stroller rides because she absolutely hates the sun in her eyes (I don't quite see her being the outdoorsy type.) I thought I would see how she liked her sunglasses. I thought she would despise them like she does her hats, but I think she enjoyed them. She didn't hardly make a peep during the entire walk. When we got home, I thought she was asleep, but when I took the sunglasses off. . .she was wide awake and happy as can be. I'm going to have to get some in every color.


Kellars Mommy said...

How funny!!! Glad she likes wearing the shades, Kellar loves being outside but the sun really bothers him something terrible..

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy seeing pictures of Olivia, but the sunglasses are just TOO cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your day-to-day lives!

Erin Etling Jones

Kerry said...

Oh my goodness! Seven months old! She's on the downward slide to being ONE! Olivia, enjoy your youth while you can. I hear it is all downhill after 1. :-)