Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008 - Update

Thank you for all of your input. I think this is my current plan of action:

I'm going to continue Olivia on her normal formula until she is one year adjusted (around Christmas.) Until then, I might add an ounce or two of Pediasure to very few of her bottles to increase her calories. Then, we will try to switch her over to whole milk after the first of the year. . .again, maybe adding some Pediasure if absolutely necessary. I, too, worry about the high sugar content. The plus is that Olivia loves to have her teeth brushed. Until then, I'll continue trying to get Olivia to try new things and make eating as fun and relaxed as I can. Does that sound like a reasonable plan? Now, if only she liked food as much as she liked playing with her spoon.

I found an interesting recipe a few weeks ago for baked kale chips. My guinea pigs LOVE kale and I love giving it to them because of the high vitamin C content. (Guinea pigs cannot make their own vitamin C and need it from food. . .much like us.) Kale is sometimes hard to find in my grocery store, but my mom found some at hers.

"Nutritious. Delicious. Great substitute for potato chips." The reviewers went on and on.

I envisioned Olivia and I happily snacking on our kale chips. So, imagine my disappointment when they tasted like old rubber tires. Maybe I'll try them again sometime with different seasonings. So disappointing.


Kim said...

I didn't comment last night. We have been giving Kaleb the Next Step Lipil for a few weeks. He likes it even better than regular formula, and it has a few more nutrients. The problem...every store put it on sale this week, and we cannot find a can anywhere! I have checked 4 differnt stores. I guess everyone else likes it too!

Regular formula should be just fine. It has all the nutrients that she really needs. Just give her time on the food. Remember it sometimes takes more than 8 times of trying something to decide that you like it.

As for the kale chips...rubber tires huh? Gross!

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

We switched Ella to the Go and Grow a couple of weeks ago. We are actually giving her 2 ounces of whole milk with 4 oz of formula.

She loves her bottles though so even if I put water in them she sucks it down! Silly girl!

Your plan sounds good.

You know your baby girl and I have no doubts that you will do whatever you have to do to give her the very best.

Good luck friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
Not sure if we have talked before.
I'm the mom to a preemie also.
Just wanted to say that your miracle baby girl is very cute!

Sarah said...

If you overcook the kale chips they taste really bad. They have to done perfectly which is really hard, and it turns out that only the tips of the kale are what taste okay and that's the only part that gets crispy.