Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008 - Update


It was a little disheartening that we couldn't spend Thanksgiving with our extended families this year. Being around so many people was just too much of a risk for us to take this year. I really missed it, though. We spent Thanksgiving just the three of us, however, we joined my family via webcam for a bit. The plus side is that we got leftovers from both sides of the family, so we're getting ready to have our Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Mmmm. . .Olivia is even going to join in!

It is customary for us to spend Black Friday putting up our Christmas decorations. Of course, you'd never catch me out shopping because
1) since when do I ever get up that early?
2) There's just too many people.
I hope you all have an enoyable weekend with friends and family. We can't wait until next year when Olivia gets to experience everything in full force!


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Kerry said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

P.S. I never get up early enough for shopping either. There's just nothing I want badly enough to give up sleeping in on my day off of work!

Kim said...

We all missed you guys today. Hopefully next year you all will be able to come. When Katie and Rebekah were breaking the wishbone today, I thought that it wouldn't be long before it would be Olivia and Kaleb's turn. I hope that you enjoyed the special surprise lunch that Ryan made.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Julia said...

We really missed you! I am looking forward to next year too.