Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prayer Requests

It has been a difficult week for many of my friends and fellow micro-preemie moms. My heart just breaks for them. Many of you follow Coy's blog. Coy is a fellow 23-weeker whose mom is pregnant with his little sister. Coy's mom, AnnMarie was placed on bedrest for contractions at 18 weeks and my prayer is that (as difficult as it is) she is on bedrest for many more months.

Some of you know precious Ashton, a fellow 24 weeker, whose mother was due with baby #2 in August. Her water broke last week and she went into labor over the weekend at about 18.5 weeks. Sweet Hunter Jeffrey weighed 225 grams and is now with my sweet Logan in heaven. My heart is breaking for this family.

I told you last year of Heather and her fight with Stage IV melanoma cancer. She has been undergoing chemotherapy for the last 8 months and despite these efforts. . .the cancer is back. She has an appointment next week with the Cancer Center of America.

Now, I don't know what it's like to be fighting cancer, but I know what it's like to wonder "why me?" I know what it's like to experience unimaginable fear and anxiety. Whenever I learn of a micro-preemie mom who is pregnant again, I feel hopeful that maybe it is possible to try again. When I hear of any complications, my hopes are dashed again and again. Please keep these precious families in your prayers.

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