Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Conversations

Me: Look, honey, it's Olivia's first ponytail!
Ryan: That is the silliest looking ponytail I've ever seen. Don't post a picture on the blog.
Me: Ooops. . .Okay, so she doesn't quite have enough hair yet, but I had to document the occasion.

Me: Yay Olivia! You found the red ball.
Ryan: A ball is also called a sphere and remember, Olivia, a sphere is a circle rotated in three dimensional space.
(Olivia continues playing with the ball.)
Ryan: But, we'll call it a ball because that's what your classmates will call it.

Me: I'm not a competitive person, but whenever I put my time and energy into something. . .I have to be the best at it! What is that called?
Ryan: Being competitive.

Me: Say mama
Olivia: Dada
Me: Mama
Olivia: Fafa
Me: No, Mama
Olivia: Gaga
Me: Mama
Olivia: Heeheehee

Ryan: Our lives sure are different now.
Me: Yep
Ryan: Completely different than they used to be.
Me: Yep. What do you think is the biggest change?
Ryan: We have a little girl that lives in our house now.

Sweetest little girl in the whole world. Thanks for letting me share her life with you.


Kim said...

Sadly, I can actually see you guys having is conversation. In fact, I can even hear Ryan's voice!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

I got a great little chuckle out of all that this morning. You guys are awesome!

By the way...I got the shirt...I LOVE IT! Thanks again.

Cristi said...

I love those conversations. And I am glad you posted the pony tail picture. Babies with little hair appreciate whatever ponytails they can get! We arent there yet but I bet we will photograph the first little one just like you did. :)