Monday, March 30, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 - Update

Why can't I go sledding again?

Well, what happened to all of the snow? (Notice Ryan working hard on the t-shirts in the background.)

I'm glad we took advantage of the snow when we did because it started to melt on Sunday afternoon. By Monday. . .it was all gone.

Today, we made a quick trip to the mall and had a really good time. Olivia and I shared a soft pretzel and a strawberry lemonade. I love that I can buy Olivia drinks when we're out since she has become a master at the straw. It makes it a lot easier and I haven't found much that she won't drink. I'm fine taking her places if she can stay in her stroller, there isn't a crowd and nobody pays attention to us. . .at least I'm getting more comfortable with it. It was hard today, however, because the Easter bunny was at the mall. He was just sitting up there all by himself. . .no other children around and I really wanted Olivia's picture taken with him. But, I couldn't bring myself to do it. . .who knows how many children have sat on his lap and I couldn't really ask the Easter bunny to wash and sanitize his furry paws. Of course, Olivia would have hated it and probably cried and cried, but the thought of having my child's picture taken with the Easter bunny just seems like a normal parent thing to do and I'm so ready to be normal. My heart nearly burst when the Easter bunny waved at Olivia. . . and she waved back. It was too cute. Maybe next year. . . .

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Cristi said...

I know what you mean about the normal thing! And I wish Olivia could teach Avery that straw trick.