Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009 - Update

Mom and dad said we're heading back to church today.
(Don't you love my daddy's cheesy grin?)

They told me that I get to dress up and look pretty.

And there will be music and singing. . .

and a lot of nice people.

Church. . .here I come!

After months of absence, we headed back to church today. It was a lot different for Olivia since the last time she went. She was still a baby. . .not walking or crawling and content to bounce on your knee the whole time. This time, she was a bit upset to learn that she couldn't roam the halls the whole time. I think she did fairly well, however, considering 1) it was during her nap time 2) she's been cranky because of her teeth and her banged up chin 3) she was confined and couldn't walk around. I thought we'd spend half of the time walking the hallways. . .but, we made it through the whole thing! I was pretty proud of her. So many people from our church have been praying for her nonstop since the day she was born. We appreciate that so much!


Just Breathe said...

Glad you attended church today.

Julia said...

She did awesome!

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing the three of you in church Sunday and Olivia did great. Hugs...Shelly K.