Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009 - Update

The big news of the weekend? Last night, Olivia went pee pee in the potty! Ryan and I got so excited that I think we scared her a bit. Sorry, Olivia. . .we were just so proud. She is very interested in the potty, she also loves her words! Be sure to check the sidebar to find out all the new words that Olivia can say. We discovered at my parents' house, that she loves cards. She found a matching card game over there that she would have played with for hours. It has pictures of all the words that she knows. So, we bought her some cards today and she LOVES them!! They are like little flashcards for her and she's already learned a bunch of new words. Not only can she say a lot of words, but she knows the signs for them as well. Then, she gets so excited when she sees things that she knows. . .like, the big red balls outside of Target. She screams, "Balls!!" The other day, we spent forever at Bed, Bath and Beyond in the towel section. She had never seen so many towels! She is just exploding in new knowledge and it's such a joy to watch.

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Amanda said...

Your child can say hamburger!?! thats it.... I'm done reading your blog.. she's too much.. :)Nathan would say....."bu blah blee blah" She is doing great!!