Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009 - Update

A day at the park

Olivia and Izzy on the swings

Yesterday afternoon we headed to the Sunrise Boundless Landscape Park at Sedgwick County Park. Awesome, awesome park that is the first in Kansas to offer 70% accessibility for children and adult caregivers regardless of physical limitations. Olivia and her cousin, Izzy, were also lucky enough to be the only kids there all afternoon. We had a great time.

So, I'm still working on the possibility of getting a cat. In Ryan's defense, he is allergic to cats (and I'm mildly allergic) and we'd hate to get one and then find out we couldn't keep it. My new angle, however, is to get a black cat since Ryan is such a huge fan of Halloween. Don't you think he needs a black cat? Oh, and I have the funniest story. . .The three of us were sitting around and Olivia was saying, "No, No, No," to everything. Ryan thought he'd be clever and asked Olivia "Do you really want a cat?" Olivia paused and then with total excitement exclaimed "YEAH!!!" Ryan failed miserably at that one.

We also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Uncle Kris!! Hope you have a great day!! Kris is on the birthday train with Olivia. Our family has five birthdays in a row. . .all exactly a week apart. Izzy, Olivia, Aidan, Kris and Rebekah. . .Choo Choo!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Olivia... I will still let you borrow Abbey for a day or two to see how the allergies go. She is a very good girl and would LOVE to go on vacation from Gus! We had a great time yesterday... it was so much fun to carry Olivia around! I bragged a few times that she asked me to carry her, TWICE!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is also allergic to cats and can't live without them. She told me she used "Outright Allergy Relief" on her cat and was eventually able to develop a tolerance to the cat. You can find the product at It is suppose to reduce the cat dander that is usually the culprit of the allergy. -Granny218

Kerry said...

If you get a kitty, can I come over and play?!