Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 - Update

So, you're small, yellow and fluffy, but you're not a baby chick?

Well, Olivia is obsessed with her new potty. We borrowed this one from Izzy to see what she thought of it. She is just tickled that there is a potty that's her size. She has yet to use it, but her interest is there. I think, however, that I would rather change a dirty diaper than clean one of these things out.

Not much going on lately. It's been so rainy outside that we haven't gotten out much. I do need to get out and see about having Olivia's glasses repaired. One side of them got bent somehow (she's really very careful with them) and now the left side sits lower on her face. We bought the warranty with them, so hopefully that will take care of it. I can't imagine how often a toddler will probably need his or her glasses repaired.

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Amanda said...

lol.. we totally had that potty! But it was so much FUN that Jake thought he couldn't "poop" and "pee" in a toy! So we had to get one of those "boring" seats that go on the big potty.. :) Those don't play music or anything! lol.. and I must say... talking, giving up the bottle or paci. those "milestones" ARE wonderful.. but when they start using the potty?! Oh my goodness.. I am STILL excited that Jake does it by himself and its been 2 years! but its just sooooo nice! I hope she does good for you with it..