Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Santa

So, here it is. . .Olivia’s first official Christmas list.  We sat down and made it yesterday.  Then, she saw a commercial for Penbo and friends today (I had never heard of it before) and she was in love!  I think that has jumped to the top of her list.  It’s probably not the normal list of a 4 year old girl.  There are no baby dolls, Barbies, dress up clothes, princess stuff, etc.  Her love is all about little animals.  The list is quite long. . .she kept going and going and going. . .

1. Penbo pink penguin

2. Kokopelli – She saw some at grandma and grandpa’s house and was scared and yet intrigued by them.  Now, she has to have one.

3.  Big Newt – Because all of her Littlest Pet Shop animals need a mama.

4.  Snowman

5.  New sled

6.  Sink like at haircuts. . .boy, she must really like haircuts now!

7.  Toys for her house (dollhouse, I presume.)

8.  Caillou house (Here’s where she picked up a Caillou book and her choices became a bit biased towards Caillou.

9.  Little Caillou and Gilbert (because she loves little things.)

10. Kite (there was a kite in the book)

11.  Bike (there was a bike in the book)

12.  Crocodile rocker 

13.  Little animals (Calico Critters, Littlest Pet Shop)

14.  Tire Swing

15.  Green rabbit (I have no idea where this came from.)

16.  Playground for little friends (Calico Critters, Littlest Pet Shop)

17.  Baby Rody

18.  Books

So, the list is sealed and ready to be mailed off to the North Pole!  It’ll be fun to look back at her lists from year to year and see what she was into.  As much as Olivia wants it to be Halloween again, I think she’s looking forward to Christmas. 

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