Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Day of School. . .Take Two

Well, a few weeks ago we took Olivia out of her preschool.  She had started at a new preschool in September with regular developing peers.  It originally started out okay, but her anxiety just sky-rocketed.  As a mother, you have to make the distinction between something that she needs to work through and something that is causing her too much anxiety.  She would cry every night before school, every morning, on the way to school and stand by the classroom window crying while I drove away.  During the day, her teachers said that she did fine, but we could not even mention the “s” word without her breaking down.  I didn’t want her to have such a negative reaction to school. . .she’s got a lot of years left.  She needs to go to preschool per her IEP and to receive her occupational and physical therapy. She also really needs the socialization with her peers.  She had a few weeks off of school, had her surgery and we had another IEP meeting this week.   We decided she would go back to the preschool she went to last year.  She already knows most of the teachers, paras and kids in her class.   Today was her first day back and she is doing awesome so far.  I just got a call from her OT who said she is doing fabulous!  I am one happy and relieved mama!  Way to go, Olivia!



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Stacie said...

That's wonderful!! I'm so glad you've found something that works not only for you, but most importantly for Olivia. I hope the rest of the school year continues to be just as good as today.