Monday, January 2, 2012

The Things She Says. . .

If I don’t write them down, I’ll forget them.  They never fail, however, to crack me up day after day.

While driving home from her grandparents house after playing with her cousin, Kaleb all day. . .

Olivia: Kaleb put me in jail today.

Me: Oh he did?  (We talked for a bit about it.)

Olivia: Mom, what is jail?

Me:  It’s when someone breaks the law and they are put behind bars.

Olivia: Like the bars at gymnastics?

Me: No, it’s like a big cage.

Olivia: Like a hamster’s cage?

Me: Well, sort of. . .for people.

Olivia:  Because they broke the bars?

Me: No, they broke the  law. . .they did something naughty.


Exchange between Olivia and her dad (as told by Grandpa Glunt.)
Olivia: Sob, sob
Dad: What is the matter?
Olivia: I bumped my head.
Dad: I'm sorry...Where did you bump your head?
Olivia: On the bed
Dad: No, I mean where did you bump your head?
Olivia grabs dads hand ready to show where on the bed she bumped her head.
Dad: Rubbing his head. I mean where on your head did you bump it.
Olivia: Finally shows him where on her head.
Dad: kisses it
Olivia: Kaleb, wait for me!


While in the bathroom the other day, Olivia starts screaming loudly and making all kinds of noise.

Me: What in the world are you doing?

Olivia: I’m praising the Lord.  (Thank you, Psalty.)

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Kim said...

She's so funny. You missed the one about Pi! It was so good to see you guys, and to watch Kaleb and Olivia play together. Their little conversations cracked me up!