Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So, my daughter is usually a very good child. . .sometimes a bit high energy and impulsive, but very good.  Today, she gave me a run for my money!  It started when I took her to the park. . .a new park that we’ve never been to.  She absolutely loved this park.  She even told me that she wasn’t coming home and instead is going to live at the playground.  Usually when I tell Olivia we are going home, I don’t encounter that much resistance.  I literally had to pry her hands from the wheel on the playground and carry her out to the car.  Wow.  Then, while I was cooking dinner, she decided to put tons (and tons) of Vaseline in her hair. I washed it three times with 2 different shampoos and her hair is still greasy.  I’ve been trying to determine my plan of action tomorrow morning to get her hair clean.  Some people have suggested washing her hair with Dawn dish soap, baby oil or baking soda.  So, wish me luck because her hair is really really gross!  The fun continued when she locked herself in the bathroom tonight. She knows how to unlock the door, but she got so upset by not being able to get out that it took her probably 10 minutes (while we were frantically trying to find something to unlock the door with) until she opened it.  Drama drama.  LOL!  I’m hoping that tomorrow we are back to our boring, normal lives. 


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh! hahaha... she's been a busy girl! Maybe she thought the Vaseline was gel?! :) Oh sheesh.. hope you can get it out! I'd vote for the baking soda.. and leave it on for 24 hours ;) Good Luck! No pics of the beautiful slicked hair do?!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear these stories! It makes me feel more normal with my little drama queen causing trouble ;-)
Good luck with the hair! I have no idea what I'd do! Call the salon probably?