Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013

After a quick trip to the doctor yesterday, I'm now on an antibiotic for a sinus infection, Ryan's been on an antibiotic since Thursday and Abigail isn't getting worse. So, I hope that means we are on the mend. My little former 23 weeker is just a rock star and is getting frustrated by all of us sickies. She really didn't like the fact that mommy didn't have a voice this morning. Our goal is to all be well by next weekend and get our house back in order.

We are also about 4 days into an approximate 10 day treatment of colic for Abigail and the results are remarkable. I've had multiple people comment on what a calm, content baby I have and that was not the case even last week. She slept through her entire exam at the doctor on Thursday. And that is with a cold. She even nurses without fussing like she has been doing for weeks. She just doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. I just may be able to continue breastfeeding as well. Remarkable. I'll have a full review when treatment is complete. This doctor basically believes colic is caused by a weak valve in the intestines and a simple massage strengthens that muscle. He has had 100% success with babies all over the country ( and even in Scotland.) I'm beginning to see my happy baby again.

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YAY! Thank the Lord for Dr. S. I'll keep praying for continued improvements for your whole family!