Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Rules

Olivia and I had a discussion about the house rules and how they aren't posted anywhere. So tonight Olivia thought of all the rules that we should follow. These are all straight out of Olivia's mouth.

No slamming doors
No climbing on high stuff ( ok, so she's learned her mommy is a little cautious.)
No screaming inside the house
No touching hot stuff
No going down slides backwards
No sleeping under your bed ( darn)
No splashing in the bathtub ( and getting mama wet.)
No taking big stuff to school ( because it doesn't fit in back pack)
No spilling food on the floor ( sorry Abigail)
No locking doors
No hitting
No putting tape all over
No running from mama
No falling down the chimney if there is a fire in the fireplace ( and one we all should follow.)
No climbing on the roof
No running in the street
No breaking stuff
No being mean to people
No picking your lip (Olivia and I both have this bad habit.)
No closing your eyes while cooking ( so you don't burn yourself. I must close my eyes a lot.
No grabbing mama's phone from her. ( Ok, so I might have made a teeny suggestion. )

I'm gonna need a really big poster board.


Amanda said...

That. Is. Awesome!!! Love the chimney one. Hahaha

elissa weidmayer said...

Love it! Grace picks her lip too ;)

Anonymous said...