Monday, April 29, 2013

Opinionated Abigail

This girl. . .love her to pieces.

I can't say that she is a "difficult" baby, but she's not really easy either. She has her opinions and when she's not happy, she lets you know. She does not like to ride in her stroller. So, say I have to run into Target really quick and I need two hands. She screams bloody murder!! People look at me like there is something horribly wrong with my baby. . .like I've neglected to feed her or change her, etc. Have they never heard a baby cry before? Ok, maybe not quite like Abigail. Nothing is truly wrong. I pick her up and she's all smiles again. Unless, maybe, she wants to swing in her swing? Then, she wont stop crying until I put her in her swing. Or, maybe she wants to sit in her Bumbo and play with her Sing A Long Stage?

She will scream and cry until I go through the list of everything she could possibly need. And finally I choose the right one. Except baths. Those will always make her smile.

No pictures right now, mom.

Haha! I think she is going to be very stubborn like her daddy (which used to be cute, but after almost 10 years of marriage? Not so cute anymore. :-) One thing I've learned is that their personality as a baby is pretty close to what it is when they are older. I remember Olivia being wiggly and active and loving music in the NICU. Ha! Logan would desat when we sang to him, but Olivia's numbers would always improve!

We have Olivia's preschool program tonight at Abigail's bedtime. She must be laying down in her crib by that time or she is not happy. So, this should be fun. Yikes!

But, she really is a doll baby. Great eater, great sleeper, cute as a button. Love her to pieces! Love to see her personality blossom!!

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