Friday, May 3, 2013

My Amazing Olivia

My amazing Olivia. I keep thinking back to her preschool program. She was the most happy, expressive, excited, energetic child on stage. I was so proud to say she is MY child and my miracle. She takes on every challenge. . . .every opportunity with such gusto! Sometimes it's exhausting to this mama, but i wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm sure she was noticed by everyone at the program (she was in the front row after all.) Little did the audience members know that she was born at 1 lb 1.5 oz. She wasn't even considered "viable." She faced extraordinary challenges and the odds were not in her favor. And yet she thrives! She lives every moment to the fullest! The first person who tries to squelch her spirit. . .goodness, I will have words for them. Her dream is to one day become a butterfly. Not sure exactly what she has in mind. For two years now she has said that and how can I not be supportive? LOL! Whatever she wants to do, she finds a way to do it. I still remember the words of her NICU doctor when Olivia really turned a corner.

"She has decided to fly!!"

So proud of my Olivia Paige. May she never stop trying, never give up, never get discouraged and never stop flying!
Please share when you started reading this blog about Olivia and how you came upon it. We are so blessed to have you following our journey.

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Joanna said...

Jodi- I came across your blog when looking through other preemie blogs, through one of their other preemie friends lists. I have read through the whole blog right from when it started. It's amazing the milestones, obstacles, and challenges that Olivia, and also your entire family have faced and overcome, that positivity that you have towards life is just awesome, keep it up :) Love, hugs, and prayers to you all xx

Julie said...

I have been reading it from the start. Laura let us know that Stacie had set it up for you! Part of our daily ritual now.

Debbie Darrah said...

Jodi: I am a mom of 4 and grandma to 20. I live here in Wichita and have been reading about your precious children since they were born. As to how I found your blog, a friend of mine attended a local church and another couple who knew you asked their Sunday School class for prayer when the kids were born. Then my friend showed me your blog and asked me to pray. And then I shared their story with my church and put them on our prayer chain...and so on down the line. God is so good to hear our prayers and use difficult situations to strenthen us and encourage others. You are an amazing mom and I love seeing your family grow and flourish. God Bless You!!

Chassidy said...

Since it started! I met Laura in MOPS. She said I reminded her of you and we were pregnant at the same time! I've prayed with you, cried with you and celebrated with you! I LOVE reading your blog! It's a daily thing for me! Olivia is such an inspiration and your faith as been such a testament!
Thank you,

Holli Taylor said...

I have had the blessing of knowing Olivia and reading your blog since about 2 weeks after she was born. Your family quickly because favorites of mine in the NICU. I love reading because it reminds me of all the "miracles" that come out of the NICU...especially when the doctors said they never had a chance! Keep the faith...btw, Miss Abigail is really starting to show that personality!

Anonymous said...

I heard your story through other preemie parents from Wesley (Kinnick and Carver's blog led me to yours) I started reading about the time Logan got very ill and passed away. Since then I feel like you are just a part of our lives ;-) I love reading your blog- you are so creative!