Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The only thing Olivia loves almost as much as stuffed animals are Squinkies.  She has been crazy about them for over 2 years.  Of course, she only likes the animal ones.  She gives the people Squinkies away.  LOL!

photo (64)

After countless hours of playing with Squinkies, I’ve learned some different ways to play with them and use them as teaching tools.  Olivia does not respond well to “let’s sit down and learn.” I have to sneak it in whenever possible.

photo (65)

The small size of Squinkies make them great for improving fine motor skills.  They come with many fun houses, cars and play sets.

We tell stories with them.  We also categorize them by animal or by color or by habitat, etc.  We guestimate as to which group will be the biggest.  For example, do you think there are more pink or yellow Squinkies?  Then we count them.

photo (62)

We practice writing our letters with them.

photo (63)

Sometimes we choose letters and place Squinkies on them that start with that letter.  The possibilities are endless.

Now, the true challenge will be to keep them out of Abigail’s hands until she’s old enough to learn with them as well. 

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