Friday, May 3, 2013

Firefighters and Parks

What a fun day! It was firefighter day at preschool and I got to come along. They had separate presentations for the kids and parents (lots of good info that I'll have to remember to share.) Then, we got to go outside and view the fire trucks.

One of the firefighters climbed to the top of the ladder and waved. It was really windy and the ladder swayed back and forth. I think the parents were in awe just like the kids.

First time in a fire truck.

She got done about an hour early and so we decided to do something fun just the two of us. Olivia had been wanting to see where I went to preschool and kindergarten for some time. So we drove to the town where I went to school from K-7th grade (then we moved to where my parents live today.) On the way home, she spotted a really cool park. It WAS really cool. I hadn't seen it in years. So, we stopped and played for awhile.

This purple slide was her favorite.

I promised we would come back really soon. Luckily, I know the family that lives across the street so we could play all day and have a great place for potty breaks and great conversation. LOL!

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