Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007 - Update

Logan and Olivia are doing well today. Logan is enjoying his new isolet. Olivia will go up on her feedings to 3 ccs. Ryan spoke with Dr. Hsiao about Olivia’s CVC line. They may not put another one in; instead they may do a midline. We are not real sure about what that entails, but it is to be less invasive than the CVC line. We will just have to see what she tolerates.

Weight Update:
Olivia 1 lb 7 ¾ oz
Logan 1 lb 5 oz

Dr Hsiao is very pleased with Olivia’s weight gain and wishes Logan would gain a bit more. He did just have surgery a week ago, though. It’s frustrating because I just want the doctor to tell me everything is going to be fine, but in situations like this they can’t. They are not really out of the woods until they go home. Logan and Olivia continue to get stronger every day and in my heart I truly believe they will be fine. God Bless all of you for surrounding my babies with love and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Good news! Our Bible study class will be thrilled with the weight gains. Many prayers are going up to Him and He's answering them. Have a good weekend. Mary and Ed

TSWhitson said...

They are both such beautiful babies. Please keep your faith. Keep the strength.We are all praying for them and you.Our thoughts and prayers are with you at all times.

Shirley Whitson

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this website. I have it on my favorites at home and at work. Your precious babies look much stronger in the new photos. Jodi, I have known you since you were a little girl. You are now a beautiful woman- inside and out. Your parents have been our good friends and neighbors since 1979. Ryan, I don't know you as well, but you have proven to be a wonderful husband and father. God has chosen you both to be the parents of Olivia and Logan. I hope that one day you will be able to thank God when one of them spills kool-aid on the carpet. Or when they get their clothes dirty before going to church. Or when they fight with each other as brothers and sisters do. I hope you will get to see their children and grandchildren. I am praying for your sweet babies every day. I hope you stay strong with the help of God's grace and the prayers of others.

Love always,