Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007- Update

We had a wonderful visit with our sweet babies tonight. I got to hold my precious Logan. I was able to lift him up in the isolet while they were changing his bedding. Holding my baby in my hands was absolutely wonderful. Ryan and I grow more in love with them everyday. They both had great days yesterday. Last night and this morning weren’t quite as good. Olivia had 5 seizure episodes last night, but seems to be doing better today. They have been up on their oxygen and both continue to fight chronic lung disease. Only time can heal their scarred lungs, so please pray that they get stronger each and every day.

Both Olivia and Logan are on 3 ccs of milk. They are already starting some sibling rivalry. Last night, Logan weighed 1 lb 5 ¾ oz and Olivia weighed 1 lb 8 oz. Tonight, they both weigh 1 lb 8 oz!!!! I think Olivia weighs only 2 grams more than her brother.

We were able to get some great pictures of them tonight as well that we will share. Daddy read each of them a story and I read each of them a story as well. I tell them every day about how much they are loved and how many people are praying for them.

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