Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday, September 3, 2007 - Update

New update from Mommy:

Weight Update:
Olivia: 1 lb
Logan: 1 lb 1oz

The doctor has not yet been by to see them. We’ll know more when we go visit them today. Last night they were very concerned about Logan’s blood pressure. They want the systolic (top number) to be between 30 – 55. Logan’s has always been a little higher (in the 60s and 70s) Last night it was in the 80s and 90s. This high blood pressure can cause problems for him with the blood on his brain. We really need to get that number down. As of this morning, they said it was down to the 70s. He also had to be put on a different antibiotic. His skin is breaking down by his tubes and because of the moist environment that he has to be in, they don’t want any fungal or skin infections to develop.

Olivia, bless her heart, is doing really well. She does have to have another blood transfusion today. They are still feeding her my milk and she is tolerating it very well. They are giving her 1.2 cc over the course of 2 hours and then they are giving her an hour to let it settle in her tummy. She has not passed a stool yet, so they are going to have to give her a suppository. I guess this is very normal. Like I said, we will know more after we talk to their doctor.

Prayer Requests:
Please pray that Logan’s blood pressure returns to normal and stays within the normal range. Heal both of their broken skin and allow them to get stronger each day. Logan’s ductus still needs to close so that his body doesn’t have to work so hard. Please pray for their wonderful doctor and the nurses caring for them and give them the knowledge to know how to best meet Logan and Olivia’s needs.

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Anonymous said...

Jodi and Ryan, We went to see Johnny and Stephanie this AM. I had called them last night about the site and we printed off the pages. We are all praying for God's hand to work a miracle in Logan and Olivia! Know always that He is with you, especially in the difficult times. So don't be afraid to lean on Him. He'll hold you up. Looking forward to more good news tomorrow. Ed and Mary