Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 - Update

Please be praying for Logan. He may have to have surgery if his ductus does not close. Please continue praying for strength, peace, and comfort for Ryan and Jodi. Also be praying for Olivia and Logan as they fight each day to grow stronger. I know all of our prayers are being felt and are making a difference - we must continue to pray without ceasing.

Update from Mommy:
Today seems to be a better day. We spent quite a bit of time with them this afternoon. We got to “hand hug” Olivia for the first time today. It was absolutely wonderful! Olivia did not like it when daddy took his hands away (already a daddy’s girl, it seems) Their doctor, Dr. Hsiao, seemed very pleased with her progress and talked about her setting the standard too high (we won’t tell Logan that, though). Right now, she is being fed fluids in addition to my milk. They were able to double the amount of milk that she’s given and within a day or so, she may be fed only my milk.

My sweet Logan is doing pretty good. He may have to have surgery as early as tomorrow. They are waiting on the echocardiogram results. If his ductus is still open, we may be contacted by the surgeon tomorrow. It would truly be a blessing if we found that it is closed, so please pray for him. Please pray that he recovers from the surgery if that is the road we have to take. He gave us a bit of a scare this afternoon. His oxygen concentration fell extremely low, but it seemed to return to normal with some help from his nurses.

Please keep them both in your prayers. They are the sweetest little babies and we love them more and more each day. Your prayers are working!!!

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See!, I told ya! You and the babies were the mail focus at Prayer Meeting at Church, and I know He heard every prayer. Hang in there! Mary and Ed