Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007 - Update

Just received this update from Mommy:

We went and saw our babies this afternoon. They are both doing well. Olivia is, of course, the over-achiever and began being fed breastmilk through a feeding tube. She takes only 1.2 cc over 3 hours. This is just to get her digestive system working. Her skin is looking great, blood pressure good and she was very relaxed when we saw her. She was even giving us the ok sign.

As their doctor said, “Logan is doing better by leaps and bounds.” His blood pressure has still been pretty high, but he’s starting to stabilize quite a bit. His ductus still has not closed, so they may begin giving him medication to help close it. Once it is closed, it will help his body not work quite so hard. Olivia’s closed on its own somehow. He did have to have another transfusion today. He has not been having anymore seizures. His little hand was giving us the I love you sign.

They will also start weighing them every night. I will give you updates on what it is everyday. We can’t expect any weight gain from them for a couple days or so.

Weight Update:
Olivia – 1 lb

Logan - 1 lb 2 oz

Prayer Requests:
Please pray that Olivia continues to do so well. Please pray that their head sonograms are okay (Olivia’s was clear, but Logan had a little blood on the left side of his brain.) We are praying that the neurologist doesn’t see any big concern. Please pray that Logan’s ductus closes and he continues to remain stable.

Here is Olivia. Mommy tells me that she is a wiggler. I think they caught her in the act! Look at her precious little toes.

Here's Logan. Little Logan is a fighter. He's had a few more set backs than Olivia has - but he's growing stronger each day.

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Chuck and Linda said...

Jodi and Ryan
Linda and I are in a church here in North Carolina. We pray for each other and all others and we have seen extreme results to our prayers.
We expect no less now. I have emailed our Small Group, friends, and the main church office
and our pastor.

All of us are praying for your family. We will continue to do so.

You two hang in there. God is in charge. We are the observers of his works and receivers of His blessings.

Chuck and Linda Watts
Mount Holly, NC