Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007 - Update

For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
- Psalms 57:10

Update from Mommy:

Not too much good news today and it’s been one of those tougher days. Logan did not have his surgery today because they don’t feel that he is stable enough. He is having problems with his kidneys and urine output. It’s frustrating because it’s one of those vicious circles. . . the surgery could help him be more stable, but he has to be stable to have the surgery. When we went over to see him today, there were about 4 nurses and they were bagging him because his oxygen concentration fell so low. We did find out that he loves to lay on his tummy (as does Olivia) and their oxygen requirements are lower.

Olivia is having some treatments because she has some mucous in her lungs. This is due to irritation from the ventilator. She has also developed chronic lung disease because of scarring to her lungs. This is also due to the ventilator. Dr Hsiao believes that she will get over this hurdle pretty well because her ventilator settings and pressure have been pretty low. Babies’ lungs develop until they are a year old and it is usually something that they outgrow. Logan may have a little harder time with it since his settings have always been quite a bit higher. Olivia does have a little belly button now as her umbilical cord has fallen off. It’s such a cute little belly button!!!

Ryan and I are going to try to get some sleep. Today has just left us exhausted.


Kris... said...

Keep on fightin'...These mountains may be more rugged than most, but keep focused on achieving the summit - once there the view will be awesome.

All I can really say is that your all are in my prayers, heart, and mind. We're all anxiously waiting that moment when we can breathe a sign of relief, 'cause there home!

Anonymous said...

This is when we have to use Phil. 4:6-7 as a prayer and repeat it over and over and He WILL give the peace you need. Mary and Ed