Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007 - Update

I wish I had more good news to report today. When I went to visit Olivia today, I found that she wasn’t there. She had been moved to the isolation room. They found that Olivia had a blister on her shoulder and they don’t know what caused it. It could have been caused by something that rubbed up against her. They have started her on antibiotics in case the culture from it comes back showing a virus, etc. For the time being, she must be in isolation. This means that we have to wear the full gown and gloves when we go in to see her and we cannot do skin to skin. We can’t even bring in her book to read to her. The culture from her eye did show some growth today, so she did have a slight infection. She is already on a topical antibiotic and the antibiotics that she is now on should take care of it. On top of all this, she had to have her 2 month vaccinations today. Four shots in her little thighs. . .she has just had a rough day. Then, she didn’t even get to be held mom and dad. All we could do is really look at her tonight, but she had her eyes open and she kept smiling at us. She is just so precious. Her stomach is also looking a tad bit distended, so they are keeping an eye on that. I realize that we can’t expect every day to be great while in the NICU, but after all we’ve been through (with infertility, Logan) I don’t know how much I can take. Please just pray for Olivia. We hope all of this is simply a precaution and that she’ll get moved out of isolation by Monday so that we can hold her again.

I went out to Logan’s grave today and brought him a little pumpkin and a scarecrow. It looks really nice for him. I’ve felt awful because I haven’t been able to get out there much. We just haven’t had time because we’re at the hospital with Olivia. I sometimes don’t feel that I’ve had the chance to mourn for him because we have Olivia to think about. In a sense that’s probably a good thing because she keeps our mind on the things to come instead of dwelling on the past. Why is it that when you have a little girl, you become obsessed with the color pink? I see anything pink and I think, “Oh, I have to get that for Olivia!”

Please pray that we get through this little bump in the road and that the isolation room just provides Olivia with a little peace and quiet. Don’t forget that she’ll be 2 months old tomorrow!!!

"I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jodi and Ryan!!!Your precious little one is 2 months old!!! yeah! I am sure its hard to think about little Olivia having to have her vaccines! Elise just had here a few weeks ago, and I just hated it!Its funny how once we become mothers we NEVER want our children to feel pain or be unhappy! I think about you guys so often! Glad to hear she is smiling at mommy and daddy! I bet she knows that you guys love her and are there for her every step of the way! These little children of God are amazing!!! Try to keep your spirits up!! We do have a wonderful and awesome God who WILL get your family thru this!!! I will continue to pray for you guys! I called amfam the other day, i wanted to let them know the Warden family loves you and misses you! :)
Take care Jodi and Ryan and Miss Olivia!!!
Cale, Sherri, Gannon, and Elise

Shannon said...

I am so sorry to be reading all of this tonight. I too hope that it is just another bump in the NICU roller coaster. I will say a prayer for Olivia tonight.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Jodi,
I'm sorry to hear about Olivia tonight. That would freak me out to go see her and she wouldn't be there. Ahhh! I am so jealous of her bravery. I absolutely HATE shots, and for her to have four in her thighs. I couldn't take it. I would scream, cry, shout, knock something over, (on purpose), etc...Ugh. She is Amazing!!!
Jodi and Ryan,
you have been through so many ups and downs it's almost unbearable to read about. It's makes my heart ache for you guys that something, no matter how impportant, but something has happenend. It makes me feel almost selfish. That as you spend your days in the hospital, I spend mine at the football games with friends and we laugh and have the time of our lives. It just doesn't seem right sometimes. Kinda like you were talking a few days ago. The world doesn't stop even at the worst of times. And I'm sorry to say that.
So anyway,
I'm glad that you went to go visit Logan today. That must have made him happy. What a cute idea to decorate for Halloween!
He will watch over his big sister while she is in isolation.
I love you guys so much and I will pray extra hard so that your little girl can be out of the isolation room by Monday.
The Lord is Good.
Love you all,
Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

I don't think I will be able to check out the latest update tomorrow so...
You are getting to be such a big girl! I love you so much and I think about you all the time! Take care of your tummy and your eyes and everything. And make sure you start to feel better soon, so that mom and dad can hold you again. Because not only does it make you happy but it makes them Super Happy!
♥ I Love you Olivia! ♥
Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

♥ Happy Birthday Olivia! ♥

Anonymous said...


Here's hopeing that you have a better day today and an even better day tomorrow! I continue to pray for you and your Mom & Dad,
and I do pray that your eyes and that blister will soon be taken care of so that you can go back to your Mom & Dad getting to hold you and to read to you. I'm sure that you miss these things and I KNOW that they definitely miss it, until then we send, by air-mail, our hugs and prayers.


Anonymous said...

A Birthday Prayer
Olivia, I wanted to tell you that when Cousin Rebekah was two months old I started a tradition of praying for her every month on her bithdate and writing the prayer in a prayer journal. I hope that someday when she has a child of her own she will find prayer a habit that helps. I hope she will be able to look back through the journal and see how many times God answered the prayers of her mother. Of course, I have one for Cousin Julia, too. (she was 2 years old when I got the idea). Anyway, the day you and your brother were born I started a prayer journal for you. It has helped me so much to take my worries and give them to Jesus. He is the only one we can truly trust because he knows all and has all power. Lots of other people who believe in the power of prayer have written prayers in your journal these first two months. Today, I feel like I should pass it on to your mom. Maybe she will want to write special prayers for you each month on the 27th. You know, she writes beautifully. Someday, when you are older, she may give the journal to you and you can see what wonderful things God has done for you throughout your life.
Aunt Laura
Happy Birthdate!
Lord, I trust you to accomplish your will in Olivia's life. May she grow into a woman after God's own heart. One who trusts you because she has proved you over and over. Strenghthen her and hold her in Your hands on these days when Ryan and Jodi can't hold her in their hands. Bless their family with every blessing. May they "taste and see that You are good and bless them as they trust in You." Amen.

23wktwins'mommy said...

Praying that Olivia is ok and that she is out of isolation very soon.
Logan is remains in our thoughts.

abby said...

We are certainly hoping and praying that whatever it is that has Olivia down is responding well to the meds and that she is on the upswing again.

We understand all too intimately what it is like to have a baby so sick that it becomes impossible to mourn the baby you've lost...hopefully once Olivia is well and home you guys will find a fitting way to memorialize Logan as a family. He is always part of your every day and is watching out over his sister and you guys.

Our thoughts are with you...

Sarah Furlough said...

I am sending up lots of prayers for Olivia. I have faith that her strength will see her through this latest obstacle.

Hold tight to your faith, there are so many people who are praying for your family!!!