Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 - Update

We had a good visit with Olivia tonight. Daddy got to hold her. She was a little cold in her isolette and sometimes they don’t let you do skin to skin if their body temp isn’t warm enough. But, we always warm her up very well and daddy brought it up one whole degree! She was very relaxed and snuggly tonight. We’ve learned how to tell when she is assisting the ventilator and when she’s just letting it do the work for her. Ryan was able to take deeper, more frequent breaths to encourage her to take more breaths of her own. It was pretty amazing!

She did have to have another transfusion today. I guess the last transfusion didn’t quite bring her numbers up to where they wanted them to be. Hopefully, she won’t have many more. She also has had some discharge from her eyes that they cultured to make sure she doesn’t have an infection. It is probably just a clogged tear duct. We’re hoping that it’s nothing big. Poor thing tries to open her eyes and she can’t because her eyelids are stuck together. Olivia has continued to gain weight the last two nights, so we hope that continues. There is still the possibility that she’ll be home by Christmas. I found out tonight that she has a Christmas dress that matches her older cousins. Olivia continues to amaze and inspire us. To be born 17 weeks early and doing so well. . .it’s just a miracle. She’s our little miracle and we thank God for her every day.


Shannon said...

I hope that the culture shows nothing and she continues to gain weight and get big!!!

One piece of advice...we started the whole "he'll be home by ..." and it was NEVER when they said. First was September 30th (due date), then Halloween, then November 15th, then my bday (dec12), then Christmas.....well he came home January 23rd!!! Take one day at a time.....

Julie Hamlett said...

I didn't write about the eye exam yesterday day because I wanted to ask my dad a question. He is an optometrist. He said he doesn't remember everything but that he would look it up in his books and get back to me. Pretty much what everyone else says goes along with what he remembers. It could still show up later, but he said that he personally would still be thrilled that it hadn't show up this time. Just wanted to add that in there.

Wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers on a daily basis. Claire loves to get on the computer with me and see Olivia and ask how she is doing. And I must admit that sometimes she has to remind me to pray for Olivia and her mom and dad. Your testimony is amazing. Keep taking it one day at a time. Rejoice in each day's good news and remember that life is roller coaster but God is always with you.

Anonymous said...

Good morning from 3rd block geography! I have a couple of friends with me and they love looking at the pictures with me! They think that she is so precious! So do I!
I'm glad that your little girl is getting bigger! That's such great news! I'm sure Ryan was happy that Olivia has 'warmed' up to him! That was so cool to read about!
That would be the greatest thing if she could be home for her first Christmas! But, as another blogger said, take it one day at a time. But still, it would be incredible. Just the progress she has made from the very beginning is impresive!
I Love you all so much and not a day goes by that I don't think of all of you! LOVE YOU!! :)

Stay Strong,