Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007 - Update

Yesterday Olivia got her first phone call. It took daddy by surprise. He had to say, “Olivia is my daughter. . .who was premature. . .she’s in the NICU.” The phone call was from a nurse assigned to her by our health insurance company. It was kinda strange. Before we know it, however, I’m sure she’ll be getting calls from boys.

She continues to do very well. They weaned her vent settings down again today. She is now 16/5 with a rate of 14 and is doing fabulous! They increased her feeds to 24 cc, but she is still not gaining weight like she should. They will probably be adding the fortifier to my milk sometime next week. She’s got a big week ahead of her as she also has her eye exam and the possible start of CPAP. Please continue to keep her in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

The full body shot is my absolute favorite-just warms my heart and puts a huge smile on my face!! We are celebrating Hailey's 15th birthday tonight-how time absolutely flies!! (You're right, pretty soon the boys will be calling). Appreciate every moment and never wish for time to move any quicker than it does!! -Stacy Woodard

Anonymous said...

Jody, you called the other day for your dad and I took the call. We talked for a moment and I felt I knew you already even though we have never met. I check on your Olivia every day and I feel so close to all of you. I am certainly glad to hear that she is doing so well and pray she only coninues to get healthier and happier. Your entire family have been through so much, words can't possibly explain the roller coaster of emotions. I too have been scared for the welfare of my children so I hurt with you. My concerns weren't for premature babies but the fear is real alright. Anyway, god be with you all. You are stronger than you think and you will thrive, just hang in there.

God Speed
Nancy Sample

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodnes! I absolutely love the pictures! They are so wonderful! I guess I didn't realize how photogenic she was! I love hearing the progress that your little one is making. Olivia is such a fighter, and I can only hope and pray for the strength that she carries. I'm so jealous!! But as the majority of us know where she gets it from...her mom and dad. Ryan and Jodi you have been the foundation of this blog, this family and your daughter. You have made her the person she is going to be, and I can't to see her in person!
She is so beautiful!
This reminds me of a song...
She's a Butterfly
By: Martina McBride
'She's a butterfly, pretty as the crimson sky
Nothing's ever gonna bring her down
And everywhere she goes
Everybody knows she's so glad to be alive
She's a Butterfly'

I would very much recommend listening to this song. It has been a favorite of mine since Martina came to the coliseum in concert. It always makes me believe that I need to live life like a butterfly. Breaking free of the problems, worries, drama, and everthing else in the world, and just fly away.

I love you all so much that words can't describe! :)
Love you all SoOoOoOoO much!
Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

I Love You Guys So Much!