Monday, October 1, 2007

Olivia 9.30.07

Precious Olivia

Please continue to be in prayer for Olivia.


Anonymous said...

Our hearts were saddened by the news we received Friday evening, but at the same time we can rejoice that Logan is totally healed and no longer will have to feel any pain. He now knows how much he is loved and how he helped to bring so many closer to God. I thought back to a first grade Sunday school lesson I taught years ago and I told the kids that God always answers prayer(and He does). His answers are yes, no and wait. Certainly the first is the easiest to accept because it is in line with what we humanly desire. But God sees the big picture and the future that we don't and is all wise and knowing. I trust Him even though He would slay me but sometimes there is much pain and questions. We will all have many questions to ask someday and I'm sure God has set aside a few million years for those and I think He expects it. Our heart and prayers are with all the family and we continue to pray for precious Olivia.

Love and prayers
Chris & Jean

Anonymous said...

Jodi and Ryan,
I hold you in my heart and prayers. We hate to turn loose of those we love; but Logan is with the Lord -- I believe that his tiny little life made more of an impact on more people than most people make in a long lifetime.

Love and prayers to Olivia and the whole family. Shelly K.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Jodi,
I didn't have school Thursday or Friday to get updates, and I couldn't check at home because I don't have internet. So I found out yesterday at church. Lots of tears were shed and I'm sure that the kleenex budget went soaring, but I felt awful.
Mary said that the only thing Logan ever really felt or knew was pain. I didn't tell her this, but that's not entirely true. Logan knew Love. He knew that he had two of the most loving and caring parents that any child would be lucky to have. He knew everytime when you or any body from his family was there. He could feel the presence of his loved ones. He loved every story read and every song sang.
The first thing Logan said when he saw the Lord was
"Lord, please help my mom and dad. They are very sad and they need to know that you have a plan for my sister. She is very strong and needs our help. It would make my momma real happy if you would give her a great big hug! And dad too, please. God, please let them know that I'll be alright. And that I love them very much. Oh, God, please tell my sister that I love her too."
And as he took his first step into heaven, he was welcomed with a pair of beautiful wings.
Now, Jodi and Ryan,
don't think that this is the end of Logan. Oh, don't even start to think that way. Because he'll be back. Sooner or later than you expect it, he'll be right back here on this earth.
And when he his...You will be the first people to know.
Stay Strong
Love you all,