Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007 - Update and Praise!

We went up to see Olivia tonight after Ryan finished working. She was having a tougher time today and my hopes of holding my little girl were dashed once again. Her oxygen saturation was all over the place and she seemed extremely restless. This may be due to the caffeine that she was started on again. When we were getting ready to leave, our nurse and the respiratory therapist suggested something that might help her. They asked if I wanted to hold her. Of course I did, but I wanted what was best for her. Dr. Hsiao mentioned earlier this week that she may only tolerate 5-10 minutes at a time. Anyway, today I got to hold my baby girl and it seemed to be as wonderful for her as it was for me. Her oxygen requirements stabilized and I was able to hold her for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I could have held her all night long and I think she would have tolerated it if I hadn’t needed to pump and eat dinner. I needed this so much today. . .the pain of losing my precious Logan hurts so badly. Most babies are dependent upon their parents for their every need. I think, however, that Ryan and I need Olivia even more than she needs us. She brings us unimaginable peace.

Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God's love and keep you strong.
Ephesians 3:17


Morales Family said...

Praise God! What a great post! We will continue to pray for precious Olivia.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, what joy!!! Beautiful pictures....haven't seen such lovely smiles from you two in a while. Hugs...Shelly K.

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord! What a fantastic day! Wow! To see the two of you happy, and Olivia looked in high spirits too, makes me so grateful that finally you have gotten to hold your gorgeous little girl. I can't imagine what you could've been feeling as she was placed in your arms. I'm so glad that your day was outstanding and I wish that upon your family for days to come. I can't wait to see and talk to you on Sunday!
Stay Strong,

'Our God is an Awesome God'
'The Lord is good, and his love endures.'