Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007 - Updated Prayer Request

We just got back from the hospital. We’re not quite sure what to report on Olivia. It seems that we’re back where we were a few weeks ago. She is off of her milk and back on IV fluids. Her vent settings have been turned back up. She had 2 major desat episodes this afternoon where she also dropped her heart rate fairly low. As you know, her breathing tube was getting too small so they have now put in a bigger breathing tube. During the transition, however, she was on CPAP for awhile and was doing very well. It seemed she liked not having a tube in her mouth. When she’s not being messed with, they have been able to get her down to room air (21% oxygen) with her new breathing tube. The doctors believe that she is fighting an infection and her last bloodwork showed her platelets and hemoglobin were a little low. If it is an infection, it was caught very early. They have already started her on an antibiotic. There are no signs so far of NEC (which is a really really bad word in the NICU.) Her last X-ray showed no air outside of the bowels, but her bowels did not have a good gas pattern. This could be because of an infection or because of the tube that they are using to suction out the gas from her tummy. They are also suctioning out some blood, however, they feel this is just due to irritation from the tube and are not overly concerned. They have started her on some Zantac. Her next X-ray is at midnight, so it seems this will be another long night. Please please pray for my Olivia. We have faith that this is just a temporary setback. I don’t want to take any prayers away from my little girl, but please also pray for Ryan and me. I’m having such a hard time dealing with all of this stress. . .sometimes it’s more than I can handle. I’m having a hard time just functioning in everyday life. Please don’t stop praying! I need my little girl home with me.

"Jesus says: 'Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened. And I will give you rest for your souls'" - Matthew 11:28

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Just remember Matt 11:28, one of the hardest things to do right now. But, that's what God wants you to do, give it to Him! We will be praying for strength for you and Ryan today in all of our services. Today, rest in the Lord. Mary and Ed