Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007 - Olivia Update

Olivia posing - showing how pretty she is.
Mommy says this picture looks like Olivia is playing the guitar! :)

After speaking with Jodi tonight I am very happy to report that their visit this evening with Olivia was a good one. Olivia continues to grow stronger each day and she now weighs 1lb 15oz. Olivia has a really fun personality. It seems she does something cute and funny each time Ryan and Jodi visit with her. Tonight when the nurse was trying to clean her mouth she placed her hand over her own mouth so the nurse couldn't get to it. Jodi also shared with me that when Ryan was applying lotion to Olivia's skin she made a cute pouty face! These stories are beautiful and so wonderful to hear.

Jodi shared with me that tonight Dr. Hsaio said there is a possibility that as soon as tomorrow Jodi may be able to hold Olivia!! She would be able to start the kangaroo care with Olivia. She will be able to hold Olivia skin-to-skin. I am attaching a link that you can read about kangaroo care in further detail. http://www.johnmuirhealth.com/index.php/publications96.html

Their hopes are that Olivia will tolerate this. So a special request to add to our prayers tonight and tomorrow is that Olivia will be ready to receive this special treatment. What a joy it will be for Ryan and Jodi to hold their precious Olivia!! This is truly news that Ryan and Jodi needed to receive on this day.


Anonymous said...

I'm Jodi's Dad. I have to say a huge "THANKYOU" to all the wonderful friends and family who attended Logan's funeral. And, to the many who could not attend...I certainly understand life's commitments. The prayers of so many helped so much. The service was indeed a "healing" one, and at the end of the day, I can say I felt better than expected. To hear Jodi laugh again with friends and family was so wonderful for me.

My heart still aches for Logan, and although I will forever miss the great times I would've had with him, I am able to "turn the page" on to the next chapter with Olivia.
I thank God for her life. May He continue to bless and strengthen my little Granddaughter! And what a Grand daughter she is! I've commented to many that she has my hands...long skinny fingers. I've played the piano all my life, but if Olivia wants to play the guitar, that's okay too!!
I can sense a renewed "focus" and "hope" with Jodi and Ryan as they move on to this new chapter with Olivia, and I thank God for their love and devotion.
Thanks again to all of you who've shared your time, thoughts, and prayers!

Anonymous said...

To Jodi, Ryan, Olivia, Jodi's mom and dad, and Grandma and Grandpa Glunt-You are such special, special people, all of you. Your faith and love for one another is to be admired by all. My belief, (and I can appreciate, maybe not YOUR belief), is that God hand picks certain people for different situations-especially difficult ones. Although, most likely you wouldn't have signed up to be the "chosen", there's a POSITIVE reason why you were. This probably doesn't make anyone feel better right now but, I believe you will get back two-fold.
Jodi-I told you I (just one person) have prayed probably 20 times a day for Logan and Olivia. Olivia will now have 40 prayers sent up each day (that's just from me, not including the hundreds of others). We will continue to pray for Olivia and honor baby Logan. -Stacy Woodard

Anonymous said...

O.k. I'm back. I quickly went to the website regarding the kangaroo technique. I so hope you get to do that, Jodi. You So deserve it. Gives me goosebumps to think about it!! I send up a thousand prayers!!-Stacy

Anonymous said...

Jodi and Ryan,
Pastor Don did a great job of speaking for the whole church yesterday -- what a special service for a tiny baby that the rest of us will get to meet some day!

I'm not sure if you guys use the Upper Room for your devotion time; but I wanted to share what I read there yesterday and today -- it seems when I need it the most, there's something from my devotional reading that touches my heart. Yesterday's writer said.."I also remembered that God knows the pain of losing a child and understands our questions, our feelings and our cries. God does not punish us for asking, "Why?" On the contrary, God promises to be present during our whys and encourages and loves us -- even when we question." And a sentence from today which took me back to Pastor's message yesterday, "My rejoicing does not depend on the blessings in my life but on God's unchanging love."

I'll be praying for the kangaroo to enter your little animal world...skin to skin with Olivia sounds like a huge blessing for all of you!!

Love and hugs...Shelly K.

Anonymous said...

Jodi and Ryan,
What FaNtAsTiC news about
the Kangaroo Care!!! I would be so excited to hold such a gorgeous little girl! I hope to see everyone soon!
Stay Strong,