Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008 - Update

You smell kinda funny, Jimmy Skunk.

Yes, Spotty the Turtle. . .you are my BEST friend!

Olivia and her Woodland Creature Friends

My latest idea is a clothing line with the premature baby in mind. Olivia has so many outfits that she is going to outgrow before she can wear them. Most premature babies have a monitor with leads or patches that have cords attached to them. Buttoned footed sleepers provide the best outlet for these cords. Footed pants require the wire to go up her leg and out her back which isn't too bad. Regular pants (with no feet) require socks and those are hard to get on because of the lead on her foot. Zippered sleepers are entirely out because the cord would have to come out by her neck which I would consider a safety hazard. These are probably things that only a mother of a preemie would think of. I'm thinking of cutting little slits in the feet of her zippered sleepers.


Anonymous said...

Jodi, your clothing line is a great idea. In the meantime, go ahead and cut little slits in the feet of the footed sleepers. The slits can always be sewn shut later if you want to pass clothes on down to someone else. Your strength you display encourages me daily. Keep shining!

Keith & Sarah Milligan said...

We actually found socks easier since that way the lead stayed on better. BRU carries this line of "baby booties" that are AWESOME. They are just a 3 package of socks and they actually stay on. I think they say 'size 0-2 months' on them.

Also, when it comes to the sleepers, buttons/snaps are definitely much better than zipper - we never even used our zipper ones. The best though is sleep sacks - the Halo brand, because they zip downwards so you can bring the wires/leads out the bottom.

Ahh the joys of dressing around wires...

23wktwins'mommy said...

That's what we do. After 9 months, buttoned sleepers are very difficult to find. All our 12-18 month sleeper have little slits in them since both kiddos are still on monitors at night.