Saturday, January 26, 2008

Olivia's Cousins - Part Seven

And last, but not least. . . .

Kaleb Brodie Snyder, almost 1 month

Favorite Color: Good question!
Hobbies: Eat and sleep…and sleep… and did I mention sleep?
Favorite Toy(s): bouncy seat, mirror, and rattle
Name one thing that you want to teach Olivia: How to play like the boys when she gets older.
Anything about yourself that you would like to add?
I have stock in the formula company, and I belong to the diaper changing club.

I hope I was able to make all of my nieces and nephews feel special by spotlighting them on the blog. You are all very special to me. Because I have had to keep Olivia away from a lot of people, I have also been kept away myself. I take my job as an aunt very seriously and I love you all a lot!


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Anonymous said...

Kaleb, you better be nice to your girl cousins, wait, they're all girls!! That goes for all of you! With all those boys I don't know what the girls are going to do! Hang in there girlies, I feel for you!
I love hanging out with the Glunt-Snyder clan. With you guys there is never a dull moment!
Love you all!