Monday, January 21, 2008

Olivia's Cousins - Part Three

Julia Stoaks Glunt, 7 going on 30
Favorite Color: Blue
Hobbies: Dance, Piano, Photography, C4C (Characters 4 Christ), AΔΩ (Children’s Choir), Performing in Musicals
Favorite Toy(s): New Russian Speaking Doll, Masha
Name one thing that you want to teach Olivia: I want to teach Olivia how to talk.


Anonymous said...

Olivia has some beautiful cousins! And smart too! If I remember correctly from the baby shower, we are just waiting on Katie's portfolio. Some advice from a girl who grew up close to her cousins...cherish each other. Being family AND friends is a blessing. I'm 29 and my cousins are still my best friends!


Anonymous said...

Julia-cute picture! If you're anything like your mom, I'm sure you will be an amazing teacher!! I have very much enjoyed performing in all the musicals with you and getting to know you better!
Love you Girl!