Friday, March 7, 2008

March of Dimes Update

We have raised an amazing $1055 for March of Dimes! That is absolutely wonderful. Now, I was planning on taking Olivia with us to the walk. After speaking with her doctor, I don't know if that will be a good idea. . .so, I am still pondering. I thought that maybe we could take her if everyone on our team is healthy and agrees to keep somewhat of a distance as well as protect her from other people. If we feel uncomfortable, Ryan and Olivia could go home and I could stay and walk. I haven't decided. . the weather will play a part as well.

Anyway, our team consists of:

Carol, Shawna, Laura, Joel, Julia, Rebekah, Lorna, Marilee, Grandma and Grandpa Sailing, Shelley, Donnie, Izzy, Gina, Savannah, Kelley, Heather, Cody, Kyler, Ella, Kerry, Ryan, me and hopefully Olivia. . . wow! Remember that it's not too late to sign up. You can raise as much or as little money as you want. I may not have included spouses or children that will be coming as well. I wasn't sure on some of them. Who knows. . .maybe Olivia could be an ambassador someday.


Heather said...

I have raised $50 so far. I just haven't put it online.

Anonymous said...

The March of Dimes Video was just totally awesome!
I too, think that Olivia would make a "BEAUTIFUL"
Ambassador. Such cute pictures that you have had on. I truly look forward to my "Daily Fix of Olivia, Her "Pets", Her Family, and Her Mom's shorts (ha). I'm only joking with you Jodi, because you weren't big as a minute, and beautiful to boot! I'm so glad that the medicine seems to doing the trick. We'll just keep praying that those "up-chuckey" days are over. "Hang-In-There"
Hugs to All! M.A.