Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Must Watch Video

March of Dimes National Ambassador 2008: Catharine Aboulhouda

This video just brought back so many memories for me. I, too, thought that when my water broke (at 23 weeks) that I was losing both of my children. I wish every day that I still had both of my babies, but I am so grateful to have Olivia. She'll never truly know how much she means to her daddy and me. Enjoy this video, but be sure to grab a tissue.


Kerry said...

I've been trying to leave a comment all day, but my computer at work wouldn't let me for some reason! Anyway, I was sorry to read Olivia had another vomiting session. Poor girl. And you must have stayed up all night again, huh? You left a comment on my blog at 2 a.m. again (Thanks by the way!). Of course if you have to miss sleep there's no better reason than to be with Olivia! I hope her fever went away and it was just from the shots. Oh and can I say, I love, love, LOVE the dress in that last picture of her yawning!


Jodi said...

That is my old dress that I had as a baby. I'm going to later post a picture of me in it with my dad and one of Olivia in it with her dad (and maybe grandpa as well.)

Shannon and Carey said...

Connected to you through your comment to Liz,
Hugs to you as you remember your beloved son.
-Shannon in Austin