Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Night At The Hospital

Well, it's 3 am and I can't sleep. I spent the evening at the hospital. After a week of cramping/back pain, I decided to get checked out. I'm so completely frustrated and confused. I was having contractions. Some were less than 5 minutes apart but they weren't regular. I had a classical c section with Logan, which is a vertical incision. Because of that, I have a 10% chance of uterine rupture if I were to go into labor. That is why I must have a repeat c section before laboring begins. However, I've been told and have read that most people aren't allowed to go past 36 weeks because of this risk, but my OB isn't scheduling my c section until 38 weeks. While at the hospital tonight, they checked to make sure I wasn't dilated, but how could I be with a cerclage stitching my cervix shut? I know that it has some give to it, but if you dilate with a cerclage, it can tear your cervix. So now I'm worried that my uterus is going to rupture and my cervix is going to tear. Some people also have their cerclage removed at 36 weeks because of this risk and my OB isn't removing it until my 6 week postpartum appointment. And here I am laying in bed with contractions. I also had a trace amount of protein in my urine, but they didn't seem too concerned. I am just hoping that nothing is being overlooked. I go 3 weeks this month without seeing my OB. Shouldn't I be seeing him weekly by this point? Hoping that other micropreemie moms who have gone on to get pregnant again can ease my fears. Pregnancy hormones are probably running rampant. I cried over Olivia tonight because she is my baby and my world and I missed not being with her while I was in the hospital. Sheesh, I am a mess tonight/this morning.
So, hoping those with previous classical c sections and/or cerclages can ease my fears. The resident OB tonight hadn't seen many with previous classical c sections. And honestly, my trust in my OB isn't all that strong right now. I just want to make sure that me and Abigail are handled with as much precaution as necessary. Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all my faithful readers!


Anonymous said...

I would talk to your doctor and demand to be seen every week. You are too close to delivery to be stressed out and worried. The protein thing happened to me too with my insulin controlled gestational diabetes, and no one seemed that concerned but me--neither my obgyn or my endocrinologist. However, I did see my doctor every week starting at 32 weeks and had weekly biophysical profiles too. While I haven't had a cerclage, my understanding is that they are removed so that your body will go into labor. So, if you are preventing labor, that may be why they are waiting to remove it. Also, doctors are waiting until 38 weeks or more to do C-sections. Even though my baby was born at 35 weeks, she was and is still considered a preemie by all doctors and our insurance. It seems rather ridiculous considering what others like yourself have gone through in regards to premature babies. My doctor said she will never do a Csection unless medically necessary before 37 weeks on the second one because of this. Hope this helps. . .and the one thing I learned in my high risk pregnancy, is CALL and go in at the least bit of concern. My high-risk doctor gave me that piece of advice. It's your baby and all they can do is tell you to go home:)

Sarah said...

I have a classical incision and was scheduled for 39 weeks with #2 (only made it to 36 weeks but that was because I went into labor) I was 5cm dilated before we called it and went to the OR. With #3 we scheduled for 37w5d but ended up doing the c/s at 37w3d due to me being in early labor...and as my OB said, if I was already 4cm and had been in the hospital 2x overnight with preterm labor, why wait 2 more days?

I personally believe the risk of laboring with a classical incision is inflated a bit. Every actual peer review study I was able to find had the risk of rupture at 2.2-3%, not the 7 -8% that's quoted. It was still a high enough risk of rupture that I had repeat c/s 2x, but neither of my OBs thought it was a big enough risk to schedule me for 36 weeks.

I was on the normal schedule of seeing my OB with both kids by the third trimester, although with #3 I ended up seeing him a bit more than normal due to preterm labor from 32 to 37 weeks. I did NOT have a cerclage though and don't know anything about why they would/would not remove it at 36 weeks :/

I would have a really frank conversation with your OB about your fears and hopefully he/she can help you two come to a plan you're both okay with? **hugs**

Anonymous said...

Week 32: Baby practices breathing
"Although your baby's lungs aren't fully formed, he or she practices breathing."

Even at 32 weeks gestation, a fetus still hasn't grown a completely developed set of lungs so the longer the baby can grow, the better! :)