Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who has called/emailed with advice. I'm still contracting, but feeling better about things today. . .you know how things always worry you more at night and when you're tired. I just felt so overlooked last night. Did I tell you that the hospital had no record of me even giving birth there in 2007? They never did find the record of my previous c section. And don't get me wrong, I want Abigail to stay in as long as possible!! 40 weeks would be a dream!! But, I'd hate for something to happen and think. . . if only I'd had her a week sooner! I just felt like the typical "come back when you're in true labor" doesn't really fit in my situation since I'm not supposed to go into labor. And how do you find that magical line where you almost are, but not quite? Anyway, I just feel blessed to be 35 weeks today and hoping I get into see my OB tomorrow. Thank you, friends!


Holli Taylor said...

They MAKE us file you record after 3 all we get for history is what your OB sends and what the patient reports...thank the LORD for patient report!

Jodi said...

So since it wasn't my OB who actually performed the c section, there is a chance it wasn't filed at all? The confusion is whether or not there is an internal vertical scar or if its just a vertical external scar. I was always under the assumption it was vertical throughout, but without the report, they didn't know.

Jodi said...
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