Friday, November 23, 2012

Abigail Update

I'm still in the hospital and Abigail is still in the NICU. She has orders to move to special care as soon as space is available. She's had a few problems maintaining her temperature. She has yet to take any feedings orally. Breast feeding has yet to be successful, but she is taking my milk through her NG tube. She is borderline jaundice as well.

I'm struggling because I have a horrible cough and some crackling in my lungs. It prevented me from spending time with Abigail tonight. The last thing I want to do is get her sick and set her back. Ryan is already very sick and hasn't gotten to see her since Tuesday. I miss my family as we are all in 4 different places. And I think a bit of depression has set in. Having another baby in the NICU ( although completely different this time) is tough. I wish I could have carried her a bit longer. Knowing that she has to have an IV in her head and heel sticks just like her sister makes me so sad. And, boy, can Abigail get
angry! She will let everyone know if she is not happy!!! Ryan and I make feisty children, that's for sure. Funny story: Ryan and Olivia were up at the hospital on the elevator. To make a long story short, a couple with a former 25 weeker recognized Olivia. They had to shake her hand and felt they were meeting a celebrity. Of course, Olivia is humbly oblivious to her celebrity status.

Most likely I will go home today unless 1)My lungs worsen or 2) if it looks like Abigail would make it home by this weekend, my OB would love me to stay with her and go home with her. I don't want to leave without Abigail and yet I'm ready to get home and be with Olivia. So, lots of things to pray for and still many reasons to be thankful!

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