Tuesday, August 20, 2013

9 Months

I told you it was a big day today. Abigail also turned 9 months old!

She is just amazing! She says baba, mama, dada and baaa (for bath.) She also claps and waves bye bye. She has two teeth and thinks that entitles her to a steak. She loves to eat and knows when what you are eating is better than what is on her highchair.

Our baby scale broke, so I don't know what she weighs. I would guess around 19 lbs. She is the most mobile child I've ever seen who doesn't crawl. She scoots, army crawls, rolls and hops like a frog to get where she is going. She transitions from sitting to laying down ( and vice versa) very well. She is not yet pulling to a stand, but will bear weight on her legs. She does not seem interested in taking steps at all. At this stage in development, Olivia was riding/walking her pony all over the house. I put Abigail on the pony and she looked at me like," Are you going to push me?" LOL!

Abigail loves anything electronic and seems bored by baby toys. The other day she was surrounded by about 10 baby toys and chose the random computer mouse laying around. Her fine motor skills are exceptional! I love watching her little personality develop. She is just so incredibly sweet ( and really takes after daddy!!)

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