Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Have A Kindergartner!

Olivia started kindergarten today.  I’m doing better than I thought I would.  Praying she has a wonderful day. . .wonderful enough that she’ll want to come back again and again. 
She was actually very excited to go and to ride the bus.
She even showed off some superhero poses.  She is my superhero.
photo (90)
And took some pictures of her own to remember her special day.
photo (91)
She took pictures of me because, well, I guess it’s kinda my special day too.  I have a kindergartner! LOL!
photo (92)
Here she is waiting at the bus top.  We followed in the van to make sure she got settled in okay. 
photo (93)
No tears getting on the school bus which was huge!! Olivia didn’t even cry either. LOL!  I was so proud of her. 
photo (89)
And here she is in her classroom.  Right after this picture is when the tears started. . .my sweet girl.  The teacher came right over to her and seemed to do a great job of getting her engaged in something. We watched from the hall a bit and she wasn’t crying when we left.  Please pray for Olivia as she begins this new, important endeavor. 

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