Sunday, August 18, 2013


So, this is one reason I could never homeschool like some of you do so wonderfully.

We are brushing up on some skills before kindergarten. I have laminated letter cards and just wanted to double check to make sure Olivia knows all of her upper and lower case letters. It's a fight to get her to sit still and work on them. Then, when she does. . .she won't tell me the letters. For example, we get to J and she says:

Olivia: Its best friend is K. It's the first letter in mommy's name.

Me: And the letter is?

Olivia: P, M, R??

Or she will say a wrong letter and tell me that was her teddy bear's guess and not hers. Or she is pretending that she's two and doesn't know them. I'm pretty sure she knows them all, but I just want her to say the letter.

Then, I catch her putting them all in alphabetical order perfectly. She's got it. She just likes to keep me on my toes I guess.

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