Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Moment

Every parent whose baby faces a life or death situation chooses a moment in the future to cling to.

Olivia was given a 30% chance of survival and a 90% chance of a major disability. I remembered having to bury my baby boy as my daughter still fought to survive. One day, my dad said to me, "Someday she will be running off the school bus with her friends." At first I was a little irritated (sorry, dad.) Did he not grasp the severity of the situation? I may not even get to take my baby girl home. . .let alone watch her go to school. There is a good chance she may not walk and if she did, it may be with assistance. But then. . .that became my "moment." It was the moment that I pictured in my mind as I saw my baby girl struggle for each breath. It gave me the hope that I desperately needed.

Someday this nightmare would end and she would be riding a school bus to school. And at that moment in the future I could say,"We made it!"

That moment came today, almost six years later.

To most people, this picture signifies the beginning of school, but to me it means so much more. It means that we beat the odds. It means she not only survived, but continues to thrive. It means we made it! It means that we WILL get through any challenges that lie ahead. It means I finally made it to the moment that I prayed for over and over again when she was a baby. Yes, I'm a proud mom of a kindergartner, but more than that. . .I'm a proud mom of an amazing girl named Olivia Paige, who said she loves kindergarten!

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Cristi said...

Its kind of amazing sending a miracle off to Kindergarten isn't it. Our miracles big day is Friday!

Anonymous said...

This made me cry! You said it so well! What an amazing moment. I love her beautiful smiling face!!

Holli Taylor said...

Hormonal pregnant nurse cried through this post too...love the pics. And I knew she would do great!!! Way to go Olivia!

ScrapKat said...

I'm so honored to be part of this monumental acheivement!
~Olivia's Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Clapp