Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007 - Update

Happy one month birthday to my precious babies. I wish I could say it was a great day, but Logan has not been doing well today. I could barely pull myself out of bed. In fact, I don’t believe I got up until around 4 pm and that was just because of my desire to go spend time with them. I pray and pray and pray and it seems Logan keeps getting worse and worse. He is retaining so much fluid that we hardly even recognize him. He did not have any urine output all day long. They increased his dopamine to 18 mics which is higher than it’s ever been and it still didn’t help. Now, the doctors are targeting his adrenal system and he was started on some hydrocortisone. Finally, tonight at about 8 pm, he had about 4 cc of urine so we are hoping that this means his kidneys will continue to make urine. Please pray and pray and pray for my little boy. Please pray that the doctors find the root of his problem and know how to help him. Please pray that Logan gets rid of all of the excess fluids that he has retained. Logan really needs all of our prayers right now.

Olivia seemed to have a wonderful day today. For the first time since she was born, she seemed content to me. Her oxygen was around 26% and she had her eyes wide open. Daddy got to hold her again in the isolette and she was just watching him. She was making the cutest faces and doing the funniest things. Her feedings got increased to 17cc and she now weighs 1 lb 13 ½ oz. Logan has not been weighed lately due to his condition. A few days ago, he was about 2 lb 3 oz and he is more than that now. Of course, a lot of this is due to his fluid retention. Both Logan and Olivia got to hear a story tonight and we sang happy birthday to Olivia. . . she seems just fine with singing. Also, they received a birthday present today from some little angel. It was a wooden, carved giraffe left on our doorstep that we now have in their room. Thank you so very much. Please continue all of the prayers for both of them.


23 Weekers said...

I'm praying for your precious babies. I thank God for the twins’ lives and I know that he who has begun this good work is more than faithful to complete it. It's a long road, but the babies are stronger then we could ever imagine. Logan will be just fine. He just needs a little extra time to recover. One of my little 23 weekers was puffy for a very long time. We hardly took any pictures because we just didn't want to have to remember him like that. Now, I wish I had. Prayers coming your way, Shanon Woolley

Anonymous said...

Our Praise Team ispraying hard for the babies. And for you and Ryan to have strength. Happy Birthday, kids! Mary and Ed