Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 - Evening Update

The sonogram today showed no fluid in Logan’s chest cavity. We are not sure what was seen on the X-ray last night. Although we hate that he had to go through another procedure last night, we are grateful that there is no fluid. They believe he was having difficulty breathing due to seizure activity. He has been given an additional anticonvulsant along with the phenobarb to help with that. He is still extremely puffy, but the nurses confirmed that they have seen worse. His urine output has drastically decreased this afternoon, but he urinated a lot overnight and this morning. Hopefully that will pick back up again. His blood pressure has been a little on the low side, which could be because of the morphine given last night. Because of that, he must remain on the dopamine and unable to begin feedings any time in the near future. We were able to spend quite a bit of time with him this afternoon and he got to catch up on his story. He still prefers, however, that we do not sing.

Olivia seemed to be requiring a little less oxygen today and she was sleeping soundly while we were there. Her diaper rash is improving and her vent settings were turned down a bit. She also was having some seizures last night and was given some medication. Her feedings were stopped last night for a bit because her abdomen looked a little swollen. She just had to pass a large stool and then the feedings resumed. (Logan and Olivia will love to find out when they get older that everybody was told of their urine output and stools.) I also have an interesting story for you. . .when we were planning the nursery, we knew we wanted an animal theme. Well, it kind of turned into a giraffe theme because everything we started buying had a giraffe on it. We also bought a large 4 – 5 ft stuffed giraffe. We kind of joked about the kids not being able to get away from giraffes. Shortly after they were born, Olivia was put on the blue lights that had a giraffe on it. She was then moved to her isolette that is the Giraffe brand. Then, they gave her an isolette cover that had, you guessed it, giraffes all over it. So, we have this weird connection to giraffes and today we learned that there was a baby giraffe born at the Sedgwick County Zoo. They named this baby giraffe. . . Olivia. I don’t know what all of it means, but it is all very intriguing.

Ryan and I were also talking today about how some of our parenting expectations have changed. We have had a lot of time to discuss how we feel about certain aspects of parenting since our road to parenthood was longer than most. We didn’t want to spoil our children. We didn’t have everything that we wanted as a child and felt that they shouldn’t either. . .it builds character. After all they have been through so far, we feel a little differently. An enormous playhouse in the backyard? Done. A trip to Disneyworld? You bet. Some things don’t change, however. We will always love them with all of our hearts and I know that they have found their way into the hearts of many. Please continue the prayers for my precious Logan and sweet Olivia.

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Happy One Month Birthday babies! We have been praying for you all and enjoy staying in tune to all of the news via this blog. Claire is especially intrigued by the pictures and is quite inquisitive about them. About parenting styles, they will come by experience through joys and challenges of little ones. I have learned the hard way not to let other people determine how you raise your precious ones. Hold close to Jesus and it all works out in the least it has for us so far. Tiemanns